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Silver Spring, MD

Alfonso & Associates Consulting, Inc. is a full-service firm providing professional and technical business solutions to a diverse clientele, including civilian and defense agencies, local and federal government, and commercial clients. With every project, we create novel, attainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients’ dynamic needs. We work with our clients to accomplish a level of understanding and communication that will ensure the success of each project. Clients consistently rate our work as “well managed,” “timely,” and “within the prescribed budgets.”


Alfonso & Associates Consulting, Inc. seeks an application administration manager to provide on-site application administration support services at a client site in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The candidate will be responsible for developing back-end and front-end solutions within ARCHIBUS Computer Assisted Facilities Management (CAFM) applications to provide customized, integrated software solutions to the client. This includes understanding client needs, analyzing data, coding, testing and implementation within ARCHIBUS, configuration tools and database and web technologies (SQL, Java, HTML, etc.)


  • The candidate shall serve as the Technical Liaison between client Chief Information Officer (CIO) and implementation contractor. 
  • The candidate will serve as application administrator to sustain and maintain the ARCHIBUS CAFM, to include work with the implementation contractor through cyclical updates.
  • The candidate shall provide technical input and advice during the implementation, production, and maintenance of Computer Assisted Facilities Management (ARCHIBUS) software application, including the research of technical solutions to assist in meeting defined business requirements. 
  • The candidate shall manage communications with project team members and committee or workgroup members to optimize the timeliness of information dissemination such that members remain informed and projects remain on schedule. The candidate shall attend meetings (including conference calls, workshops, and webinars), collect and compile information (including keeping project files current), and serve as the technical liaison between program manager, project manager, and workgroup (Integrated Project Team) members. 
  • The candidate will administer web-based applications that comprise the full suite of ARCHIBUS products and services.
  • The candidate shall provide technical assistance to the client Program Manager and the implementation team during implementation of technical project work plan as well as during the maintenance of the system once it is in a production state.
  • The candidate shall coordinate and communicate with stakeholders on the ARCHIBUS application. Stakeholders include client staff, other contractors, system administrators, and database administrators. This coordination requires local travel to various offices.
  • The candidate will ensure an evolving understanding of the various client needs so that they can configure the program accordingly. 
  • The candidate will ensure an understanding of the various client security needs so that they can configure the security features. 
  • Attend/complete formal ARCHIBUS application training which will be provided in person (which may require travel locally and throughout the contiguous U.S. and/or Hawaii) or remotely via a web-based collaboration tool. 

Experience & Background 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.
  • 5 years of relevant experience in a government environment.
  • 3 to 5 years of hands-on ARCHIBUS development experience and expert level technical proficiency to include administering and sustaining ARCHIBUS for a large campus or facility.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language). 
  • Experience with Oracle databases, e.g., 10g or later, MS SQL Server).
  • Outstanding customer service skills.
  • Proven track record of expert level knowledge of Web/JAVA Enterprise Applications at the server level.
  • Proficient in Domain Navigator and ARCHIBUS grid windows to edit the database tables that define the properties. 
  • Must be able to obtain Public Trust Federal Government clearance.
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