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ARCHIBUS Project Manager

Silver Spring, MD

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ARCHIBUS Project Manager 

Alfonso & Associates Consulting, Inc. seeks project manager to provide on-site facility and CAFM application administration support services at a client site in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The candidate will be responsible for leading a team implementing the following activities:

  • Space inventory and performance
  • Personnel and occupancy
  • Asset management
  • On demand work
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Cost administration
  • Cost chargeback and invoicing
  • Mobile framework (tablet and smart phone application
  • SmartClient with AutoCAD (computer-aided design) in the ARCHIBUS Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management System.


  • Plan, supervise, and monitor project execution. Provide support to Client with implementation of project work plan. Candidate will develop and implement project strategies, objectives, and goals. 
  • Responsible for planning and coordination of special events, conferences, and meetings. Candidate shall provide administrative support which includes assistance with the planning and coordination of special events, conferences, meetings tours, events, facility (base, campus, or building) access, and file management. 
  • Assist with meeting and event communications including development, production, and dissemination of agendas and related material. 
  • Develop project deliverables such as products, reports, presentations, and other project information. 
  • Lead and maintain project team communications to ensure that project team communications are timely and sufficient such that the team can keep projects on schedule. 
  • Candidate will actively participate in project meetings as necessary (including conference calls, workshops, and webinars) and shall take minutes, draft correspondence, collect and compile information (including keeping project files current). 
  • Databases and website maintenance. Candidate will lead team responsible with database and website maintenance to support project activities. Maintenance will include working in identified databases to collect information necessary to meet project needs. The team will conduct updates to the identified databases and websites, which requires manual data entry and data correction. 
  • Candidate will provide space management services, which include conducting inventories, space calculations, headcounts, and related tasks. The Candidate will be responsible for the oversight of the specified work orders 
  • Oversee service desk and help desk operation support, to include providing and coordinating on-site training as needed. 
  • The candidate shall generate reports, schematics and requested data for Client line offices, as specified. 
  • The candidate will assist Client staff with the drafting, negotiating terms, and coordinating the required legal reviews for interagency agreements and memorandums of understanding. 
  • Provide direct facility management support to Client
  • Assist in the design of new and existing office policies/procedures to improve facility management and operations 
  • Respond to, manage and resolve facilities based requests, complaints and queries from stakeholders
  • Maintain facilities administrative system including but not limited to weekly auditing of floor plans and support the processing daily facilities tickets
  • Provide relevant and timely status reports to all stakeholders in written and verbal formats

Experience & Background

  • BA or BS degree in Construction, Architecture, EE, ME, Interior Design, or a related field preferred
  • Minimum 5 years' experience managing or assisting with the management of projects, with at least 2 years' supervisory experience
  • Experience with facilities design and operation required.  Knowledge of CAFM system (ARCHIBUS, MAXIMO, TRIRRIGA, etc) preferred 
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of MS Office. 
  • Knowledge of the areas of the facilities life cycle, including design, construction, renovation, and space management
  • Possession of excellent interpersonal skills
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills
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