AvidBots Corporation

Senior Software Developer - Systems, GUI

Waterloo, Canada

We are currently designing the next generation cleaning robots that will take over the cleaning industry!

Our robots make maps of a wide variety of indoor spaces, including malls, grocery stores, colleges, hospitals, airports, etc., using lasers and cameras.  Using these maps, our robots plan optimal paths to cover the floor space as quickly and completely as possible.


We are looking for a senior software developer to maintain and expand our existing code base (applications, graphical user interface and others).

Ideally, you have worked with Linux-based systems for many years (security systems, kiosks, robots, etc). You have architected complex software systems and written complex GUI applications from the ground up. You are not satisfied until the design is clean and your code works reliably. You have also worked in teams with strict software development practices and take pride in coding with high standards. You have led small teams of engineers and enjoy working as a technical lead.

Since we are a startup, you will be wearing many hats - the job might include helping setup testing frameworks, continuous integration and helping with other software development tasks.

You will be working alongside an experienced team of robotics veterans and programmers to support you along the way.


  • Maintain and expand current features of application level processes
  • Maintain and expand current features of the GUI (Qt QML framework)
  • Help with general software development tasks as necessary(testing frameworks, etc)


  • B.Sc. or Graduate degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent
  • Strong software development skills (Python, C, C++ preferred)
  • Proficient with Linux-based operating systems (more than CLI, bordering on kernel compilation)
  • At least 5+ years of software development experience in relevant fields (GUI, Software design, linux-based development)
  • Strong background in graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Driven individual, passionate about robotics, self-starter


  • Have built/designed and brought robots to life before
  • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Experience with software testing/continuous integration
  • Enjoy working in a small team with big dreams


  • Ownership: At Avidbots, all employees get a part of Avidbots as part of their compensation. We are all invested in making Avidbots successful.
  • Team outings: Every three weeks our whole team goes out to a do a fun activity – from a friendly soccer match to learning how to paint, we can never wait for our next team outing.
  • Work/Life balance: At Avidbots everyone has a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation a year and flexible long-weekends/days-off.
  • Flexible work schedule: We are not a 9-5 shop – we never clock-watch our team – work at your own schedule and deliver results.
  • Open workspace: Our offices are open-concept – we encourage team-work and open communication – and the occasional robot driving around!
  • Relocation assistance may be available
  • Paid dinners & healthy snacks
AvidBots Corporation

Lisa Marino

HR Specialist
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