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Manager in Training

St. Louis, MO

Blue Iguana Car Wash® was started with the following goal: “To deliver the best car wash possible for our customers. To be the market leader in quality, price and performance.” This is the basis for everything we do and every car we wash.

Blue Iguana Car Wash® operates “World Class” car wash locations. In order to continue our World Class sites, we need excellent people who want to help us continue to set this high standard.


A common comment we get from management applicants (before they get hired) goes something like "it's just washing cars; how hard can it possibly be?"

The answer might surprise you. Managing a busy car wash is very complex and requires a high level of competence in multiple disciplines. Where else would you be asked to diagnose a hydraulic problem in the morning and then troubleshoot a computer in the afternoon, all the while turning in payroll and ordering supplies in the middle of the day?

It will never be boring, that we guarantee.

Managing a high-volume car wash is a lot like directing traffic at a busy intersection. You must pay attention so all things happen at all the right times. The range of skills required is diverse and the expectations are very high.

  • We operate a small crew, so we need energetic people
  • You must be a hardworking, team player. We require you to be friendly, honest and have great customer skills.
  • All Tigger's that are 21+ with supervisory experience are encouraged to apply.
  • Our hours of operation are 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM daily, so candidates must be able to work nights and weekend shifts!


  • Minimum Age 21+ years old
  • Minimum Management Experience -- 1 year required
  • Must Be Able to Lift 40lbs
  • Must Be Clean Shaven with No Visible Piercings, Tattoos must be covered


  • Flexible Hours...We recognize that our Team Members have commitments to family, friends, school or sports teams. We will do our best to work around your schedule. 
  • Tuition Reimbursement...At Blue Iguana Car Wash, we believe everyone needs an education. We offer Tuition Reimbursement to eligible employees who qualify.
  • Competitive Pay...$49,789/ Yr including generous bonuses and benefits.
  • Along with excellent pay, you will work in a nurturing environment where you will learn valuable business and people skills.
  • Health/Dental Benefits... Location Managers get fully paid health and dentail insurance. Management Trainees get their benefits paid at 50%
  • 401k Retirement Plan - you have a stable financial future with us, we will contribute to your future retirement
Blue Iguana Car Wash

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