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San Francisco, CA

Booker, the leading platform for service commerce, announced on 3/8/2016 the acquisition of Frederick, an intelligent marketing automation platform for appointment and class-based service businesses. The acquisition expands Booker's leadership in fueling the service economy, and helps fulfill its promise of helping service-based SMB owners improve their customer satisfaction and retention, leading to greater revenues and greater freedom to focus on the work they love. We're on a mission to use technology and big data to help small businesses grow, and change the way consumers and local businesses interact with an "Uber for Local" like experience. Why? Because millions of small businesses make up the backbone of the global economy and provide the majority of jobs, yet new technologies tend to focus on enterprise customers. At Frederick, we believe in helping the little guy/gal succeed.

Booker provides SMBs with a sophisticated but easy-to-use platform to run and grow their business, which spans booking, CRM, staff management, POS, and more. As part of the Booker platform, Frederick adds another, easy-to-use layer of intelligence to automate marketing to customers. Within minutes, Frederick automatically syncs with a business's management system to access historical customer and transaction data along with utilization information. This informs when a business has open slots in their calendar, so Frederick can promote those openings through highly targeted, two-way text and email campaigns. As a result, SMBs can identify and sell unused inventory, optimally priced to the consumers most likely to buy it. This type of yield management functionality has been available in industries like travel for years, and offers a significant improvement over broad email blasts and often-unprofitable, one-size-fits-all promotions.

 Do you enjoy...

  • Co-designing features as a team, rather than having specs handed to you
  • Knowing your code works, and will continue to work, because you wrote the tests to prove it
  • Building and scaling distributed systems and micro-services
  • Having the freedom to work with the latest tools and frameworks e.g. Rails, Node, React, Swift, Ember, Angular
  • Pushing to production on a daily basis

What to expect:

  • A competitive salary and stock options in a well-funded startup
  • A collaborative environment - we solve problems together and pair program often on larger projects
  • The ability to use modern development tools and frameworks and to introduce new tools - “the right tool for the job at hand”
  • Ownership of the full stack - from CSS / JS all the way down
  • A real focus on code quality and test coverage. When the build is green, we ship it!

Skills we're looking for:

  • Minimum 2 years experience working on an engineering team and with Ruby on Rails
  • 1+ years experience with modern JS frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, Ember, React, etc.
  • Experience scaling large Ruby applications using caching, NoSQL data stores, and/or micro-services is a plus

Mike Kendall

Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist
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