Budget Mortgage Corp

Mortgage Origination Account Executive

Los Angeles, CA

Budget Mortgage Corp and related companies have been in business for over 65 years, and have originated in excess of $1 billion in real estate loans.  It currently services approximately 1,000 loans.  It uses cutting-edge technology and specialized personnel to underwrite and originate loans, which it sells to tech companies, small institutions, private investors and retirement plans.

Budget Mortgage Corp makes loans primarily in California, the largest market in the United States. We use proprietary underwriting and servicing systems designed to help our sales and service departments originate and service loans in-house.  We maintain close relationships with borrowers, investors and mortgage brokers based on deep experience and practices which meet the highest standards in the industry.

With flexible lending guidelines, proprietary funding sources, and ability to see value, we can complete transactions that others have turned down.

Mortgage Origination Account Executive 

The Mortgage Account Executive is responsible for

  • Inbound and outbound contact with potential clients, both from company-provided leads and the Account Executive’s own outreach activities.
  • Present loan opportunities meeting the company’s criteria to Underwriters.
  • Maintain communication with potential borrowers during the underwriting, documentation and funding of each loan.


  • Base salary plus commissions, weighted toward loan originations. 
  • Opportunity to advance into a management role.  


  • Familiarity with mortgage originations.
  • Possess an NMLS unique identifier number. 
  • Possess a Real Estate sales or brokers’ license. 
  • Hardworking, sharp, well-spoken, professional, and love challenges.
  • Willing to meet with potential clients outside the office, prepare files for underwriting.
  • Willing to generate own leads as well as follow up on company leads.
  • Able to work full time or more if necessary to meet sales goals.
  • Punctual, and good attendance.


  • Culture of collaboration where departments work together in a congenial and service-driven environment.
  • The company is located in West Los Angeles in well-appointed space on desirable Sawtelle Blvd.
  • Monthly reserved parking is included.
  • Company-provided health insurance is provided for the employee and the employee may pay for other family members to be included. 
Budget Mortgage Corp

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