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Sales Representative

Milledgeville, GA

Experience and commitment are the name of the game at Butler Honda, as we set out to satisfy your automotive needs and adhere to what you want in a car buying or service experience. Our staff is prepared to handle the requests of drivers from Macon, Eatonton, Madison, and beyond, whether they need an oil change, a brand-new Honda, or financing advice. When you come to Butler Honda, you’re in for a different car dealership experience.

The Role

The Automobile Salesperson will responsible for selling new and used cars at dealership gross and volume standards. The position includes three broad areas of activity: Personal work habits, Prospecting’ and Selling. He/she will report directly to the Sales Managers.

All candidates must have an active drivers license.


  • Set a goal, and then obtain a method or program of action that will allow you to reach the goal in the allotted time. 
  • Forecast your efforts and results. 
  • Establish at the beginning of each month a goal for the coming month.
  • Broadly plan each weeks production and efforts in advance. 
  • Determine the number of demonstrations, appraisals, new prospects and contacts the must be seen face-to-face each day to reach your goals.
  • Stay informed about current developments in the dealership and the automobile industry.
  • Attend sales meetings Mondays and Saturdays  at 8:30 am. And 9:00. 
  • Use and maintain an Owner Follow-up System (E-leads) to encourage repeat and referral business.


  • The salesman must use creativeness to obtain “ hot “prospects. 
  • During business hours, approach customers promptly and be able to identify and handle prospects properly. 
  • Develop a group of prospect locators ( bird dogs ) who will refer buyers to you. 
  • Participate in community affairs to generate new leads
  • It is recommended that each salesperson become active in at least one civic club or group.
  • Get your name out there. Work hard to become your customers inside guy.
  • Follow up with sold customer regularly to find new prospects. 
  • Each salesperson should know how to work the service lane and do so at least once a week. 


  • Become a product specialist and develop a thorough knowledge of company sales and credit policies.
  • Be familiar with competitive products. 
  • Learn to qualify prospects and learn to identify buying motives, wants, and needs.
  • Become an expert at presenting the vehicle (ie) Walk Around.
  • Ride with every customer every time on the first test drive.
  • Be efficient in preparing all paper work. Bad paperwork waste time and can cost the dealership money.
  • Record all contacts. 
  • Turn over every customer to management before they leave. Realize that you can not close 100% of  the customers 100% of  the time.
  • Make an effective delivery. Inspect every car you sell. It should be clean enough to deliver to your mother. Complete a delivery check list on all new cars.
  • All customers must be introduced to the service department. 
  • Understand that Customer Satisfaction builds future sales.  
Butler Honda

Robert La Manna

Sales Manager
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