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Executive Wealth Advisor

Jacksonville, FL

Founded in 1993, Camarda Wealth has been nationally recognized for decades and is led by Dr. Jeff Camarda, a regular Barron’s Best financial advisor and one of the most highly credentialed and educated financial advisors in the world. This is a rare opportunity to be mentored by the best while building a high income by helping clients using CFA®-grade, fiduciary fee only portfolio management and sophisticated wealth management including asset protection, advanced estate and trust planning, and astute tax strategies that can literally save clients tens of thousands and sometimes millions in taxes.  

CFA®-grade fiduciary portfolios give you a significant advantage over most of the completion, but the scope of our wealth management bandwidth makes us virtually unique and very  compelling.  

Executive Wealth Advisor | Jacksonville, FL

We have perfected marketing to a science, and can generate a virtually unlimited number of qualified incoming  leads for you to set , meet with, and close.  As an Executive Wealth Advisor, you will meet with high-net-worth individuals to engage them in the firm's compelling portfolio solutions. This is a very lucrative sales role that will have you working from our headquarters near Jacksonville, FL,  or your home office in other markets.  Some day travel to meet with prospects is occasionally required. You will have the full  support of the corporate office which includes personal sales support, client service teams, marketing resources and more.  As a sales professional, you will appreciate the fact that people in our geographic territory reach out to us for financial information. This provides you with steady, incoming  lead-flow, a rarity in the investment business. 

This is an opportunity to offer what we believe is the highest quality investment management service in the US, a rare career to deliver truly outstanding wealth results directly to clients, which can dramatically improve their wealth performance across investment, tax, estate planning, asset protection, and retirement income security needs. Camarda’s premium, unique service also gives you tremendous distinction and competitive advantage, helping you to win more and bigger sales. Instead of transaction products that are usually not he best fit for clients, you will help deliver high quality, customized solutions that truly benefit people far beyond the price they pay. By offering genuine expert fiduciary advice to clients, you benefit from the win-win of truly serving their best interests while at the same time having the opportunity to earn very high income yourself as a function of the value you deliver. That’s real win-win, and that’s Real Wealth Leadership™.

You will benefit from our proven marketing system that reliably produces quality prospects who contact us for more information about our firm. We can consistently supply you with leads representing tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars a year. You will be given extensive training on our proven marketing and sales systems, which will produce significant sales and income for you if carefully followed.  Unlike many competitors, Camarda believes in specialization of job function, and that good salespeople should have the freedom to focus their time on selling, instead of on technical and clerical functions. Dedicated staff help you to prepare customized sales “wealth success stress test” presentations, and a robust client onboarding and service team stands ready to takeover routine client service, ongoing contact and other duties once you have sold new clients on joining the firm, freeing you to concentrate on new sales and growing your income. Getting sales is where the money is, and we want you to spend your time on what pays you the most. 


  • Call individuals who have requested information and make the initial determination if we can help them; if so set the appointment to meet with them.
  • Meet with prospective clients to analyze their situation in depth 
  • Educate and persuade the qualified individuals to make them comfortable with hiring Camarda Wealth Advisors to manage their wealth.
  • Have a willingness to travel within the state of FL and/or SE region as needed 


  • A proven and documented track record of successfully selling.  Preferably in the financial services industry for 5 years.  You are comfortable discussing investment securities and solutions with high-net-worth individuals. 
  • Have a clean U-4 and background check
  • Series 65 or 66 or ablity to quickly pass and become registered 
  • Working with Morningstar Office and Salesforce is a plus


  • Extremely competitive base
  • Extremely lucrative bonus structure
  • $200K+ income first year is realistic potential income 
  • $500K+++ income within 5 years entirely achievable for top producers 
  • Benefits including health and dental
  • 401k with match
  • Bonus package with partnership opportunities for outstanding performers.
Camarda Wealth Advisory Group

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Hiring Manager
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