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Administrator MQMC

St. Louis, MO

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services (CRSS) provides programs, facilities and services designed to meet the needs of senior adults across a continuum of care with choices and opportunities.

Our objective at CRSS is to continue our long tradition of providing independence, options and the highest quality of service to senior adults. With our social service programs, independent housing and assisted living facilities, volunteer opportunities and assistance for seniors to remain at home safely, we honor choices and maintain the quality of life for senior adults by “doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, every time.” This is how we live our mission. It is our way of life at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services. Our employees provide compassionate, loving and individual care to each senior adult we serve.

Administrator MQMC | St. Louis, MO

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services is looking for an Administrator MQMC to join our team. The position has direct responsibility for the management of the Mary, Queen and Mother Center, in accordance with the policies and philosophy established by the Board of Directors. The Administrator plans, directs, implements and evaluates all activities of the nursing home in order to provide the highest quality care for all residents and to provide for a favorable work environment for all employees.


  • Responsible for the total operation of the facility, for the application and implementation of policies, and be a liaison to the Board of Directors, physicians, medical director and the departments of the facility
  • Assures that administrative, interdepartmental and departmental meetings are held as appropriate to maintain liaison between the many components of the total organization, and various departments
  • Provides program of public relations. Maintains frequent contact with residents by being visible throughout the facility and with family members through regular meetings
  • Maintains a staff of competent and qualified professionals in order to provide quality care and good customer service
  • Employs a system of and maintains accountability for responsible fiscal management, including budgeting, internal controls, and timely reporting
  • Leads the development of the MQMC annual budget and submits it to the CRSS CEO for approval
  • Assures the control and effective utilization of the physical and financial resources of the facility
  • Directs the formulation of all administrative and personnel policies and after review presents them to the CRSS CEO for approval prior to implementation
  • Participates in or is represented in local, state, and national nursing home associations and professional activities which relate to the delivery of long-term care services for senior adults
  • Reviews pending legislation on local, state, and national levels for its possible effects on long-term care and, when advisable, enlists support from various long-term care publics to influence effective legislation
  • Assists in developing, updates and implements the strategic plan to address the changing health care environment and the future needs of the facility
  • Works collaboratively with other leaders in the CRSS continuum to ensure the effective implementation of the Agency’s philosophy
  • Provides direction for quality improvement programs in all departments and directs the submission of periodic reports of same to the CRSS Quality First Committee
  • Ensures that staff follows HR Policies and Procedures
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Background and Experience

  • Fulfills license requirements for a nursing home administrator in the State of Missouri
  • Bachelor Degree in health care administration, business administration or related field; Masters Degree preferred
  • Minimum of five years experience in an administrative position at a health care facility or related experience
  • Organizational ability to plan and control the activity of the nursing home and activities of its personnel
  • Ability to relate to people in a manner so as to win confidence and establish support
  • Show respect and concern for the residents and responsive to their particular needs
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing conditions and the various details of the position
  • Ability to maintain self-discipline
  • Ability to uphold the dignity of the position, establishing a credible presence with residents, staff, residents’ family members and the public
  • Willing to subordinate nursing home on occasion to support the CRSS continuum of care
  • Ability to make rounds throughout the facility; to hear and converse with individuals; to attend meetings external to the campus
  • Ability to perform the essential physical/mental functions/requirements of this position
  • Capability of maintaining ongoing relationships with people of various education, religious, and ethnic classes, relating to residents, responsible parties, and staff in a variety of situations, and addressing the media to provide accurate information


  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Voluntary term life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Pension program
  • Tax deferred annuity
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave
  • Bereavement leave
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Availability of spiritual and pastoral care support
  • Easily accessible location
  • Free parking
  • Employee recognition program
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Low-cost cafeteria meals available 
  • Opportunity for involvement on employee committees
  • Opportunity for growth at one of the largest skilled nursing facilities in St. Louis
Cardinal Ritter Senior Services

Allan Standberry

Hiring Manager
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