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Sales Representative

Detroit, MI

Helping shoppers connect faster and easier with their favorite brands through online coupons. Bring all of your coupons with you on your smartphone or find the latest deals online. Redeem them without the hassle of tons of paper coupons. Coupon shopping just became a lot easier!


Coupon Wallet Seeking Motivated Sales Professionals!

We are on the lookout for talented, goal-oriented sales representatives who have a passion for fast-growing early-stage companies.

You’ll be in charge of getting potential clients excited about our SaaS mobile coupon system that we built from the ground up to be the best marketing platform ever. 

Coupon Wallet has replaced expensive and ineffective paper coupon marketing with a mobile alternative that is perfect for small and major retail chains alike. These businesses are in desperate need to compete with Amazon or perish in the next 2-5 years. Paper coupon usage is dropping fast, email open rates are dropping, text message platforms are being sued into non-existence, even TV is dropping as more people transition to mobile.  Now is the perfect time to offer the best possible solution to the $500B coupon marketing industry.


  • Expertise in tele/online sales with excellent customer service skills
  • A solid understanding of digital marketing and the desire to learn much more
  • Experience with mobile marketing and/or retail sales is a plus
  • Great communication skills via phone, online chat, and email
Coupon Wallet

Phil Kanaby

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