Elementem Photography

Business Development Manager

New York, NY

Elementem Photography (elementem.com) is hiring a young, entrepreneurial, passionate Business Development Manager to join our team in building an incredible company.

Since 2010, we’ve been making beautiful, large-format, landscape photography prints that we sell at pop-up shops, through our website, and to retail partners such as Wayfair and Bed Bath & Beyond.

We're expanding our retail operations in and around New York City and we're hiring someone who can help us grow by managing the successful pop-up retail business we've created, and helping us to build it further.

We're looking for someone who is smart, creative, and highly motivated. You're passionate, enthusiastic and will work as hard as you can to succeed. You're good at managing and training others, you like teaching and helping people, and care deeply about customer service. You're a natural salesperson and like to inspire others.

We make great products; we're simply looking for someone who can help us get them in front of as many people as possible.

Our retail business is unique in that we don't sell our products in a traditional retail store. We operate mostly outside, at markets, street fairs, and temporary kiosks inside malls.

Your initial role with us to help us manage the operations, logistics, hiring, and training of our sales team. You'll be working outside, talking to customers, delivering art to the sales team, hiring employees, and helping grow the business by finding more sales opportunities. You'll also help develop new art products. You'll learn a ton about building a business.

You don't need experience in sales or management for this role. You need passion, curiosity, and a strong work ethic. If you're eager to work hard with a growing startup, love photography, great design, and want to a part of a great team, while learning a ton, and to be rewarded directly for your efforts and contributions, we'd love to chat.

Elementem Photography

Lawrence Clingman

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