First Option Mortgage, CO

Loan Officer

Denver, CO

Who We Are Looking For

First Option Denver is seeking individuals who are yearning for a career where fostering relationships reigns supreme. We treat each other like family – we laugh (a lot), we yell, we tease, we support, and we (more than occasionally) drink an adult beverage. 

  • You will build long-lasting relationships with our customers and realtor partners. 
  • You’ll go above and beyond to help customers save money and/or achieve their dreams of home ownership. 
  • We also extend our resources beyond business boundaries as we give back to the community we love. 

If you want a “work hard, play hard” environment where people are a priority, you may be a good addition to our “family.”

Who We Are

First Option Mortgage is unique in that it is a nation-wide corporation that feels and operates like a boutique lender. After being founded in 2004, FOM now has over a dozen branches in some of the hottest markets in the U.S. In each location, FOM is well-known by customers, realtors, and other industry professionals as a well-oiled machine that provides first-class customer service, unmatched days in process, and excellent communication. as as it benefits from the local presence of its Support Center (Corporate Headquarters) and the entire Operations team of down-right good people.  

Who You Need to Be

  • You must have a knack for building real relationships. This means you aren’t afraid to make others a priority – every customer and every realtor must feel as though your focus is on him/her…even when you are simultaneously providing the same genuine customer service to many others. 
  • When you are at a closing, meeting, or function you don’t hide behind your phone or stand in the corner. You have the gift of gab and truly want these “strangers” to become customers, partners, and/or teammates…without making it all about you. 
  • You must be able to effectively communicate with others regardless of whether the message is positive, negative, or trivial. Meaning that above all, you have heart. 

You must love what we do, you must love leading/acting with integrity, you must love helping others, you must love making an acquaintance something more, you must love being around teammates who push you to be better, you must love seeing a task to its completion, you must love crushing goals, and…you must love to celebrate your success!

What You Get

You get the opportunity to enter a lucrative, fulfilling, fun career where the sky is the limit! 

  • Commission-based sales job where over 50% of the Dencer loan officers make $100,000+. 
  • Generous PTO & vacation policy
  • Health benefits
  • 401K Program 
  • Paid training program
  • Licensing and certifications covered by company

If you have the attitude of “I WILL make six-figures” and you possess the traits described above, it is likely you have what it takes to become a heavy hitter. Our family at FOM Denver will take you under our wing to make sure you have the resources to soar.

First Option Mortgage, CO

Peter Aurich

Area President
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