Candidate Engagement Associate

Boston, MA


In this entry-level role, you’ll be using deep web research techniques combined with creative writing and outreach tactics to find and engage the right talent for Happie employers.


Happie is growing at double-digit rates each month. To keep up with that tremendous growth rate and make sure the employers in our network stay “happie”, we need creative, innovative, diligent people in to work on our candidate acquisition and engagement operations. You’ll be responsible for executing candidate acquisition and engagement efforts and delivering the right candidates to our employers. The team will rely on you to identify and engage job candidates using a variety of online sources.


This is an ideal first job out of college for someone who wants to play an important role in a growing company and learn the ropes on a variety of skills. You’ll work alongside our Candidate Engagement Manager as well as our Director of Marketing, COO, and CEO. In this role you’ll receive coaching and mentoring to help you succeed, and can grow into a leadership role in your area or potentially move to other parts of the business.


  • Everything you’ll need to develop and execute candidate sourcing and acquisition strategy.
  • How to use a variety of cutting edge tools and approaches to gathering candidates.
  • How to work with and manage outside contractors and outsourced team members. You’ll become a project manager as well as an individual contributor.
  • How to use compelling content and outreach to engage candidates.
  • How to develop assumptions, test and measure various approaches, and identify and implement the winning approach.
  • To become a meaningful contributor to the larger goals our whole team is striving to achieve.
  • To build your personal sales style and coaching style.
  • How to operate with a product mindset – looking for ways to productize the feedback you hear from our customers and users.
  • We also have regular lunch-and-learns led by other members of the team on topics as varied as


We’re more interested in what you’ve done than in what credentials you’ve earned. Here are some signs that you’d be a great fit in this role:

  • You’ll start each day with a daily stand-up meeting in which the team reviews progress, sets daily goals, trouble-shoots challenges, and celebrate successes.
  • Reviewing employer requirements and developing and implementing a candidate acquisition strategy to fulfill them.
  • A lot of online research!
  • Huddles with other functional groups within the company – meeting with sales to understand upcoming forecasts, product to help define new internal tools, and client success to verify that your team’s approach is working well.
  • Testing new tools and methods and sharing feedback and recommendations with the team.
  • Tracking candidate engagement metrics and improving through testing and iteration.
  • Helping to interview and train new team members.
  • Living by and promoting Happie’s unique culture, and helping your team win!


We’re more interested in what you’ve done than in what credentials you’ve earned. Here are some signs that you’d be a great fit in this role:

  • You’re detail-oriented and operate with rigor and discipline (you probably did really well in school because you figured out how to cross your t’s and dot your I’s).
  • You are creative and innovative. You’ll be able to talk about something you invented, developed, or created from scratch.
  • You are outcome-oriented. You don’t shirk a deadline and you can instill that kind of work ethic on your team.
  • Meaningful internships, work experiences, or athletics during school.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • You’re remarkably positive, scrappy, and flexible – all necessary attributes in our early-stage, rapidly growing startup environment.

Laura Dunlap

Marketing Talent Manager
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