Inside Sales Specialist

Boston, MA

Want to revolutionize hiring?

Happie is where companies find the best talent, fast.  We replace time-consuming and ineffective candidate sourcing technique with algorithmic matching, human subject-matter experts and one-click engagement. 

We are a quickly growing team of sales pros, marketers, computer geeks, math nerds, and entrepreneurs going after a huge market by creating a company built on flawless design, advanced data science and an incredible customer and talent experience. We believe that if we fundamentally re-engineered hiring it would look and feel completely different than it does today for both sides of the hiring equation. That’s what we’re here to do.

You should be excited about innovating in an archaic industry while greatly enjoying Happie hours, team lunches, and lots of hilarious interactions between team members.

We are seeking an Inside Sales Specialist (ISA) to join our quickly growing team in Boston. The ISA will play a pivotal part in helping us achieve our vision for a massive online speed-recruiting platform. This is a great opportunity to join our rapidly scaling sales team and position yourself for quick career growth.   


Happie is growing at double-digit rates each month. The sales team is a huge part of the success we’ve built so far. To keep up with the constant stream of leads and opportunities coming in and to achieve our broader mission and vision, we’re adding more high-performance reps to the team. When you join this team you’ll have a meaningful impact on Happie’s success (and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it). 


Sales reps at Happie have huge career growth opportunities.  Our sales team is at the cusp of significant team growth – tripling in the next few months and growing rapidly from there. By joining now, you have an opportunity to help set the tone early and participate in each stage of growth and development as we grow. You can hone and perfect your sales game and also move into team lead and sales manager roles. 

You’ll be reporting to Connie Howard, our co-founder and COO, who has built and led sales teams from the ground up at massively successful startups like DoubleClick (acquired by Google for $3.1B) and Trulia (acquired by Zillow for $3.5B). Connie has hired, coached, and mentored over 1,000 people in her career and has helped many people become successful sales reps, managers, and leaders.


  • All the core sales skills: identifying pain/need, budget, decision process, timeline, objection handling, and closing!
  • How to use Hubspot CRM to track your opportunities and deals.
  • Everything there is to know about how companies find, source, engage, and hire great candidates.
  • To prospect and generate leads from a variety of sources.
  • How to become an ambassador for the Happie brand and build relationships and allies inside the companies we serve.
  • To become a meaningful contributor to the larger goals our whole team is striving to achieve.
  • To build your personal sales style and coaching style.
  • How to operate with a product mindset – looking for ways to productize the feedback you hear from our customers and users.
  • We also have regular lunch-and-learns led by other members of the team on topics as varied as 


  • You’ll start each day by joining the rest of the sales time in our daily sales stand-up meeting in which we review progress, set daily goals, share customer feedback, and celebrate successes.
  • Participate in trainings, pitch circles, and lots of 1:1 coaching.
  • You’ll jump on calls with interested inbound prospects, uncover their recruiting challenges using a consultative approach, and present our unique (and totally awesome) value proposition.
  • Ringing the gong and listening to your co-workers cheer each time you close a deal.
  • Lots of time on the phone and updating your opportunities in Hubspot.
  • Tracking and reporting your sales metrics.
  • Helping to interview, onboard, and train other sales candidates for the team.
  • Meeting with other groups within Happie: Meeting with the product team to share customer feedback and inform new product features, interact with marketing to help drive leads, and connecting with Customer Success to ensure that the customers you brought on are Happie!
  • Living by and promoting Happie’s unique culture, and helping your team win! 


We’re more interested in what you’ve done than in what credentials you’ve earned. Here are some signs that you’d be a great fit in this role: 

  • You have 1-3 years of sales experience on a team that met or exceeded goals consistently. Startup experience is preferred.
  • Evidence that you have been able to exceed goals and win.
  • Strong detail orientation. You operate with rigor and discipline.
  • Intellectual curiosity. You are genuinely interested in our customers’ needs and how to help them be successful.
  • Strong communication skills in both writing and speaking.
  • High-energy, self-motivated, walk-through-walls to GSD!
  • You’re remarkably positive, scrappy, and flexible – all necessary attributes in our early-stage, rapidly growing startup environment.

Laura Dunlap

Marketing Talent Manager
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