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Indianapolis, IN

At Heartland Ambulance Service we are committed to offering the most advanced services to our patients and clients. Heartland’s ambulances are ready and available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One call to our communications center sets our team in motion. Whether a trip to a doctor’s office, hospital or dialysis center we stand ready to meet your needs. We specialize in high-quality care for patients.

At Heartland we have Unbeatable Benefits including the following: 

  • Industry leading starting pay
  • Health Insurance, Life, Dental and Vision 
  • Fraud protection insurance  
  • Great paid time off, holiday pay and a flexible schedule
  • Free continuing education classes
  • Scholarships for higher level of education 
  • Air Ambulance Service 
  • National Disaster Response Team
  • EMS coverage for sporting events 

EMT | Indiana

Across various locations in Indiana including Indianapolis, Munice, Shelbyville, Lafayette, and Kokomo, Heartland is looking for a professionally minded an energetic EMS to join the team and provide medical care, patient assessment and care, transport services, and other services by performing the duties below.  

  • Safe and efficient operation of ambulances and other company equipment. 
  • Basic life support treatment and transportation of sick and injured persons. 
  • Providing emergency medical treatment, while not exceeding the level of skill, training and certification of the individual employee. 
  • Full compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal regulations and laws, pertaining to but not limited to protocols, standards of care, motor vehicle operations, and patient rights. 
  • Observes patient, records significant conditions and treatments rendered. 
  • Takes temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs to detect deviations from normal and assess condition of patient. 
  • Prepares inventories and stocks supplies and inspects equipment for proper operation. 
  • Cleans and disinfects interior of ambulance. Cleans and details exterior of ambulance. Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness and proper stocking of the ambulance, company vehicles, equipment, office, lounge, and bathrooms. 
  • Must be able to safely lift, transfer and maneuver patients in and out of ambulances, facilities, residences and other locations. 
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with patients, family members, medical personnel, and the general public in verbal and written form. 
  • Must have reliable transportation and must report to work punctually for all scheduled shifts and in proper uniform. 
  • Must be available, willing and able to work, when requested up to and including 60 minutes prior to the scheduled shift start time and may be dispatched an additional transport, if the employee is still on the clock up to and including their scheduled shift end time. Specific requirements are explained in the Procedure Manual. 
  • Completing and maintaining accurate records and documentation with regard to transport, equipment inspection, supplies usage incidents and other forms of documentation inherent in the operation. 
  • Promote the company, perform public relations when assigned, perform standby coverage at special events, deliver medical equipment and supplies when assigned, and other details when assigned. 
  • Attending company meetings and educational sessions whenever possible. 
  • Inspecting and promptly reporting damage, deficiencies, safety issues or other problems with ambulances, company vehicles, equipment and supplies, or any other matters relevant to the safe, efficient and proper operation of the company. Such reports are to be made immediately to Administration. 
  • Reporting immediately to Administration in writing any change in the employee’s driving record status, certification status or any other change in circumstances or status which could affect the individual’s ability to effectively and safely perform the duties of the position or to otherwise qualify for the position held. 
  • Reporting immediately to Administration in writing any change in the employee’s health status or physical status which could affect the individual’s ability to effectively safely perform the duties of the position, or to otherwise qualify for the position held.  
  • Reporting immediately to Administration any change in information provided to the company on employment records or other company records. 
  • In the interest of maintaining the highest level of quality patient care, safety, and efficiency of operation, it is the responsibility of each employee to report immediately to Administration any violation of the personnel policies or procedures. 
  • Compliance with all provisions of the Employee Policies and Procedures Manual, as well as all other company rules, regulations, directives, or instructions from supervisors. 

Experience and Background

  • Valid, current state Emergency Medical Technician certification. 
  • Must have valid State Emergency Medical Technician certification
  • Current CPR certification
  • Valid current Drivers License.  Has no more than 2 accidents &/or moving violations in the last 3 yrs. 
  • In general, no criminal record in which the individual received a verdict of other than non guilty in a criminal proceeding. However, specific factors, including but not necessarily limited to how recent the criminal proceeding, the nature of the criminal act, and other factors will be utilized by Administration in determining relevance and overall impact on the individual’s suitability for initial or continued employment. 
  • Must be at least 21 years of age. 
  • May not be concurrently employed by any other ambulance service or any other entity which could pose a conflict. 
Heartland Ambulance

Kenneth Jackson

President of Heartland Ambulance Service
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