Sales Representative

Denver, CO

A wholesome world is not just a dream. Change your behaviors and lifestyle, and improve your wellness. Wear your HELO Wellness Band now and take care of yourself. All the data collected will be used to improve the world. All your measurements are stored to build a database with a great deal of useful information to globally improve wellness and lifestyle. 

HELO Sales Representative | Denver, CO 

If you are looking to be part of the wellness revoultion and drive change, come join HELO as a sales representative and brand ambassador. Not only will you be contributing to global wellness you will have the opportunity to spread this movement to people you care about. 

What does a HELO Sales Representative do? 

  • Wear and represent the HELO brand at all times
  • Sell the HELO products through multiple outlets
  • Find people to represent the HELO brand in a positive way
  • Lead In-Person get togethers to spread HELO values
  • Engage and coach others on HELO

Why You'll Love it!

  • Be your own Boss
  • Contribute to improving wellness globally
  • Positively impact loved ones 
  • Earn income and free products 
  • Gain great training and support
  • Meet great people with the same HELO values 

Join the Movement. Improve Your Wellness. Improve Your Life. 


Alissa Gardner

Sales Representative
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