HSTL Ventures, LLC.

Sales Representative

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Are you hungry for success? Are you constantly striving to be a better person than you were yesterday?

Are you eager to work for a company that will notice, celebrate, and reward your victories with rapid professional advancement and stronger earning potential?

Are you tired of applying to huge, distant companies that expect ten years of experience for a job they could train you to master in ten weeks?

Are you a natural salesperson? Could you convince an Egyptian to buy a pile of sand, or sell ice to an Inuit?

Are you already convinced that this could be a great opportunity, or would you like to know more? Well, how about this...

B2B Sales Representative | Ft. Lauderdale, FL $65k+

We are HSTL Modular, a startup in the portable buildings industry. What are portable buildings? Office trailers, modular buildings, tiny homes -- anything you can live or work in that you can also move to new places when it's time to work or live somewhere else. You'd be helping us sell or lease those portable buildings to our clients. Think of it like being a realtor, without all the licensing requirements or insane levels of local competition.

We're looking for inside sales representatives to build relationships and close big deals with businesses across the country. We don't expect or demand years of sales experience -- in fact, you might not need any experience at all.  What we want are hungry people with demonstrable abilities (we'll show you how to demonstrate them once you contact us) and a strong drive for personal and professional growth.

You'll start at our South Florida (Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood) HQ for a training period of six months, during which you'll learn all about our industry and master our sales process.  

  • Travel to meet clients and/or attend industry conferences.
  • Make sales calls and close deals as soon as you're comfortable
  • Recieve support and training through the entire six-month period until you're a true master of the craft.

Once your training is over, you'll be free to work anywhere you'd like, as long as you'll be available by phone and Internet and are ready to travel when necessary.

In addition to providing a comprehensive sales training and industry education program, we'll also feed you a steady stream of leads from our world-class marketing system for as long as you work with us. But to reach your full potential, you'll also need to be able to connect with new leads on your own on a regular basis.

You'll get a base salary of $2,500 a month for the first two months, which will be reduced to $2,000 a month thereafter, and unlimited commission potential. You can reach six figures in a year with commissions, but our range of $55,000 to $65,000 assumes more modest ambitions. If you've got big ambitions, you can get bigger paychecks.

If you want to advance with us, you can do that, too. Think you'd make a great leader? Prove it to us and you could be our next director of sales.

We welcome every applicant, regardless of sales or industry experience, so we'd like you to show us that you've got potential beyond your resume. Tell us about the longest, most difficult sale you had to close in your life, and explain how you made it happen. Remember, anything in life can be considered a sale if you first have to convince others that it's worthwhile.

HSTL Ventures, LLC.

Alex Planes

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