Innovative Cultural Agency

Business Development Director

New York, NY

Are you someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and be creative?  Come join the agency that creates innovative cultural movements for exceptional brands. 

Business Development Director|New York, NY

We’re looking for a self-starter who will design and build a growth engine for a collective of imaginative and thoughtful folks whose clients are progressive brands seeking new ways of doing things; clients who say "why not" more than they say "why.”  

At core, you’ll be part of a creative problem solving company that uses insight, strategy, and imagination to get clients unstuck.  Your goal is to discover, reel in, and ultimately catch those misfit clients.  

You should have a history of:

  • 5-10 years of experience in agency/design/marketing
  • Experience Leading pitches, closing deals, defining and executing agency marketing strategy, crafting RFPs, archiving assets, etc.  
  • Assertive, driven, and passionate

Please have Vision (yes, with a capital V) and personal magnetism that matches your smarts.  Be human, creative and full of energy; resourcefulness, flexibility, individual passions, and confidence mixed with quirkiness are highly valued. These guys believe the purpose of a job is to expand your horizons and give you less of a reason to hit the snooze button in the mornings. With that in mind they’ve designed jobs that will give you responsibility and control, a canvas for your creativity and plenty of room to stretch yourself and grow. 

Innovative Cultural Agency

Hunter Gilmore

Chief Recruiter
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