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Early Childhood Teacher

Chicago, IL

Kids' Work Chicago is looking for both Lead Teachers and Assistant Teachers! We are a child care center serving children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. We believe in creating enriching classrooms that provide each of our children with a loving, dynamic, supportive experience. We strive to develop and maintain a learning environment that provides the highest possible quality of childcare by supporting children, parents, and staff. We make every effort to provide a superior childcare experience by instilling an atmosphere of harmony, respect, patience, honesty, trust and friendship. Our goals are to maintain a safe environment at all times, nurture, engage and enlighten families and staff, and to support and respect each child, family, staff member and our surrounding community. 




  • Maintaining a safe, organized, and cleanly classroom
  • Creating an enriching classroom experience with organized curriculum activities, observational assessments, stimulating interactions, caring relationships and patient, loving care
  • Supporting families by building open, constructive relationships
  • Being a professional, reliable, and positive team member
  • Follow the KWC Behavior and Discipline Policies
  • Participate in DCFS required training hours (15 hours/year) regarding early childhood development, professional development, and health and safety topics and document trainings on log
  • Maintain a complete staff folder as outlined by DCFS, including updated medical forms and gateways information
  • Work Monday-Friday (full-time)


  • Responds to behavioral issues by observing, and creating a cohesive response plan among the teachers, communicating with parents in a positive, supportive constructive way, and creating a further plan of action with administrators and parents as needed.
  • Develops a plan for attaining assistant ideas (utilizing their skill level and strengths appropriately), ensuring activities are prepared in advanced and executed as planned.
  • Uses changes and suggestions from administration to refine and develop the lesson plan as needed.
  • Organize assessment information and coordinate reports for parent teacher conferences. Lead parent meetings with positivity, open communication, and constructive feedback.
  • Creates a classroom schedule that responds to the needs of the children and modifies this schedule as necessary.
  • Trains new teachers, supervises their interactions, and creates meaningful performance reviews.
  • Sets a tone of professionalism, accountability, and positivity.
  • Follows disciplinary procedures with proper documentation to support teacher growth and seeks out the support of the administration as needed.


  • Responsible for submitting curriculum activities to the lead teacher by deadline and work to prepare materials and execute planned activities. Assist lead with other curriculum preparations and activities.
  • Supports all children, works with a child's behavioral plan to provide cohesive, supportive care, communicating with parents in a positive, supportive constructive way.
  • Supports the lead teacher with classroom presentation, including posting artwork, updating bulletin boards, and maintaining learning centers. 
  • Follows classroom schedule outlined by the lead teacher and discusses needs of children and possible modifications with the lead.
  • Shares parent information with the lead teacher to help coordinate the needs of the classroom. 


  • Associates degree with 6 ECE credits
  • At least 2 years of experience working with children in a childcare setting
  • High-level communication, organizational & resolution skills
  • $14-15.50/hour commensurate on experience


  • At least 2 years of experience working with children in a childcare setting
  • Good communication skill
  • $13-14.50/hour commensurate on experience


  • Full week paid vacation over July 4th holiday
  • Full week paid vacation over Christmas/New Year holiday
  • 5 paid sick days + 2 personal days
  • We offer health, dental and vision insurance to anyone working over 30 hours/week
  • Free CPR and First aid training
  • We surpass DCFS ratio by 1-2 teachers per classroom
  • Private enclosed playground and parking lot
  • Two large indoor gross motor areas
  • Weekly yoga and music classes for the kids
  • Family style organic meals
  • Professional development opportunities within our center
Kids Work Chicago

Jessica Shekleton

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