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Research Scientist, Physiology

Westminster, CO

Plato BioPharma, Inc. (PBI) offers an integrative approach to pre-clinical drug discovery in the cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary, and hepatic therapeutic areas. PBI's pre-clinical pharmacology platform begins with intricate in vivo models of disease followed by a systematic analysis of biomarkers, biochemicals and histology. This unified process provides our clients with constellations of data that aid to navigate the maze of drug discovery and development.

The Role

We are seeking a highly motivated and tenacious individual to join our multi-disciplinary drug discovery efforts. With a successful history of small molecule drug discovery and a vibrant and exciting culture, PBI offers a stimulating environment to grow and participate in the discovery of therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases.

Looking for a PhD level scientist with proven expertise in the physiology, function and pharmacology of the Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, or Hepatic organ systems / therapeutic areas.

The right candidate will be an accomplished “do-er” with strong and applicable general In Vivo skills and biotech or big pharma experience who wants to make an immediate impact by working in a small, exciting CRO where we focus on DOING science. Must have hands-on experience with translating client research goals into executable study protocols that meet client needs.


  • Performs all aspects of conducting preclinical research on rodents including dosing, surgeries, functional evaluation and tissue collection.
  • Conducts directed and independent experiments and performs measurements of hemodynamic, cardiac, pulmonary and/or hepatic function in rodents.
  • Designs, implements, and executes efficacy studies, including compound formulation, animal handling and dosing, and blood and tissues collection.
  • Responsible for collection, documentation, analysis and interpretation of data from experiments. Presents results and conclusions of work, both in written and oral format, to cross-functional project team and delivery of completed reports.
  • Recognizes fundamental anomalies in data points, inconsistent results, and identifies issues in experiments.
  • Ensures compliance to SOPs and other laboratory policies (safety, security, personnel, etc.)
  • Expected to publish research findings of disease modification on marketed and allowable clinical development products in top-quality, peer-reviewed journals.
  • Maintains in-depth knowledge of state-of-the art principles and theories and applies such knowledge to the research and business direction of the Company.
  • Leads studies to achieve client commitments in communication, scientific expectations and contractual deliverables.
  • Responsible for overall study management AND conduct of assigned studies including study timelines and quality standards.
  • Maintains and drives study schedule to ensure completion and client satisfaction (from protocol writing, sample receipt, required analyses of data and final report timelines.)
  • Participates extensively in scheduling of appropriate resources (equipment & personnel) including lab support, methods development and reporting to meet project goals.
  • Advises, leads research associates and/or members of study teams in the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation, considering economic and safety factors.
  • Position may or may not manage one or more scientists / research associates depending on qualifications of candidate.
  • Demonstrates ability to manage scientific, operational, and administrative aspects of a team.
  • Provides an environment, which encourages the company’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and the value of a diverse work force.

Experience & Background

  • PhD in an appropriate Physiological or Pharmacological discipline.
  • 5-7 years of relevant experience demonstrating expertise with sustained performance and accomplishments.
  • Biotech and/or Pharmaceutical industry experience are highly desirable.
  • Requires verifiable experience in at least one of the following areas: cardiovascular, pulmonary, or hepatic physiology, pathophysiology or pharmacology.
  • Rodent surgery and survival surgery experience in the cardiovascular, pulmonary or hepatic therapeutic areas, experience dosing client drug regimens, making clinical observations and harvesting specimens for analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience with integrative system function evaluation/measurement in rodents.
  • Experience in the development of In Vivo rodent models of human disease and conducting in vivo efficacy studies according to study protocols.
  • Experience leading and motivating research associate staff is also a plus.
  • Experience with GraphPad Prism.


  • Excellent communication (both oral and written) and interpersonal skills for presentation of results in both written and oral format and delivery of completed reports are required.
  • Demonstrates technical proficiency, scientific creativity and independent thought in participating in experimental design and recommending research strategy.
  • Must have strong organizational, planning and time-management skills.
  • Thinks critically and creatively to determine appropriate resources for client demand as well as resolution of problems.
  • Evidence of productivity and independence will be demonstrated through authorship of research in a high-quality publication.
  • Exercises independent judgment in developing and standardizing methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining highly tractable, valid, and reproducible results.
  • Ability to assimilate data and research findings outside the Company into the development of new scientific ideas/projects that impact PBIs strategic direction.
  • Shows flexibility and ability to apply his/her knowledge to new areas of study.
  • Commitment to safety and the humane treatment of laboratory animals is required.


  • Competitive pay structure based on experience
  • Paid holidays (7 full + 2 half days)
  • 18 days Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Incentive Stock Options and Bonus Plan
  • Colorado Casual Work Environment
  • World-class regional recreational, cultural and entertainment options 
Plato BioPharma, Inc.

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