Renovo Financial, LLC.

Loan Coordinator

Chicago, IL

Renovo Financial is a rapidly-growing Chicago-based private lender serving real estate investors who acquire and renovate single and multi-family residential properties. We pride ourselves on supporting clients by providing unparalleled service, from the loan application through the payoff. Renovo’s reliability and “win-win” solutions-oriented approach is just one reason why our repeat and referral rates far exceed the industry average.

Working at Renvo...

Renovo is proud to offer full-time employees the option of participating in Company-sponsored medical and dental insurance programs. The Company sponsors health insurance plans through Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois, a dental plan, and a vision plan.

In addition, full-time employees may elect to contribute pre-tax earnings towards a company-sponsored transit benefits program administered by the RTA (Regional Transportation Administration).

Loan Coordinator | Chicago, IL

The Loan Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the client is prepared for a smooth closing each and every time. They are expected to zero-in on a closing date and ensure that all necessary parties are consistently updated throughout the loan application process. The Loan Coordinator is empowered to ensure the client has an amazing experience, with the goal in mind that the client can’t imagine a world without Renovo. They work closely with the Servicing Team to guarantee that all operational T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted well in advance of closing day. They have a knack for operational excellence and also live and breathe amazing customer service. Delivering 10/10 service for internal clients (employees) and external clients (customers) is imperative to being successful! 

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has at least two years of experience coordinating difficult closings at a title company, a bank, or a mortgage company and will be responsible for the following: 

  • Hold a “High Trust Transfer” call with the client to start prepping for closing
  • Consistently update all parties involved in the transaction (client, attorneys, agents, seller, title company, etc)
  • Zero-in on a closing date (ideally before the 15th of the month)
  • Order appraisals, order title, & coordinate with insurance agent to bind insurance
  • Hold a “Dress Rehearsal” with the client to ensure the deal is officially “clear to close’
  • Call-in to and attend closings when possible

Success Factors & Matching Measurements

  • Success Factor: You are able to coordinate at least 25 loan closings a month 
  • Matching Measurement: Rehab Pipeline report from Salesforce
  • Success Factor: You are able to schedule a closing within 48 hours of loan approval 
  • Matching Measurement: Processing KPI Total Report from Salesforce
  • Success Factor: Monthly NPS of 80, “Beginning of the Loan” Response Rate of at least 60%, and great feedback
  • Matching Measurement: NPS Survey Tracker

Behavioral Characteristics 

  • Problem Solver: You must be a skilled problem-solver who can develop creative solutions on your own to ensure that deals close (You shouldn’t have to wait for your manager)
  • Great Attitude: You always come into work with a positive attitude and a “I will find a way to get it done” mentality
  • Over-Communicate: Over-communicating in this role is a good thing! Our clients want to know we care just as much as they do about closing their loans swiftly and efficiently. Regularly updating all parties involved in the transaction is the best way to do that!
  • High-energy: Your enthusiasm motivates everyone you collaborate with
  • Say “Yes”: You always find a way to say, “Yes” to all reasonable requests 
Renovo Financial, LLC.

Peter Poidomani

VP of Operations
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