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Executive Chef

Canton, MA

Our community is seeking an experienced chef who is responsible for the overall operation of our dietary department and creating a flavorful, exciting menu that embraces our Brain Healthy Cooking Program!


The Director of Dining Experience / Executive Chef is responsible for the entire operation of the culinary department, including the training and supervision of all department associates, maintaining inventory of food, supplies and equipment, keeping within the budget, preparing and serving food and refreshments, overseeing set-up for all meals and special events, and ensuring the cleanliness and smooth functioning of the kitchen and dining room to provide a gracious dining experience for residents. All members of the dining team are cross-trained and fill in for each other doing any job in the front of the house (dining room) or in the back of the house (kitchen) as needed.


  • Work closely with the Corporate Dircetor of Dining Experience on all matters of management and food service
  • Review resumes, conduct interviews, hire, conduct yearly reviews, discipline and/or terminate culinary staff associates under the direction of the Executive Director
  • Conduct initial training and orientation, as well as continual training throughout the year, and support the culinary staff in their professional development
  • Oversee the Dining Room Supervisor (and fill in for Supervisor, as needed) in preparing weekly staffing schedule for dining room coverage of all meals, as well as any special events, including holidays. Schedules are entered into our online system and adjusted as needed
  • Plan and prepare weekly/biweekly payroll
  • When short-staffed, assist culinary associates to maintain a consistent level of service
  • Responsible and accountable for budget for culinary department
  • Develop and implement a maintenance system for inventory, ordering supplies, reviewing all invoices, shipments and cleaning of entire culinary department
  • Responsible for developing new recipes, planning menus and meeting twice a year with Dietician to review menu in compliance with culinary Guidelines for Americans (the DRI). Creativity in developing new recipes is encouraged
  • Prepare and cook food for residents, staff and visitors
  • Assist and train the culinary staff with the preparation and plating of all daily meals
  • Responsible for cleanliness of main kitchen, service kitchen and all appliances and equipment, and work closely with maintenance and housekeeping staff to schedule cleaning routines and/or special requests
  • Report any maintenance issues
  • Assist and train associates in putting away all deliveries in appropriate manner
  • Compliance with all EOEA, state, local and OSHA regulations regarding culinary standards, infection control practices, and workplace safety, immediately reporting any workplace injuries to ED
  • Follow all procedures for proper food handling, personal safety, health and cleanliness
  • Compliance with all SLR policies, procedures and programs related to culinary services, including using SLR approved vendors only and adherence to Brain Healthy Cooking Program food and menu choices
  • Maintain SLR schedule for temperatures of refrigerators and freezers, cool down logs, food temperatures and labeled and dated foods
  • Participate and support the community’s monthly QIRM program (Quality Improvement Risk Management)


  • Degree in Culinary Arts of Hotel Restaurant Service preferred;
  • Certification in “Safe Serve” mandatory; Food Service Sanitation course sponsored by the National Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association preferred
  • Must have attended seminars/workshops to develop skills in management and food services, and have basic computer skills
  • Must have previous experience cooking in a similar environment, be able to follow directions, and work well under pressure and at a constant pace to ensure that meals are ready for designated time
  • Must be able to read, write, understand and speak English
  • Must be a team player and demonstrate ability to work with a diverse workforce
  • Must have the ability to lift up to 60 pounds
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