SignifAI, Inc

Technical Customer Success Lead

Sunnyvale, CA

SignifAI is machine intelligence that helps TechOps teams get to accurate answers faster by finding correlations in real-time, among very large volumes of log, event and metrics monitoring data. These correlations are driven by algorithms plus your team’s and SignifAI’s collective expertise. This means your team can get to root causes quickly, regardless of the seniority of the engineers currently on shift. And because SignifAI is a machine, it has perfect memory. This means it can match the cause and resolution of an issue from the past, with an issue happening right now. These powerful correlations also unlock predictive insights to issues that could threaten uptime in the future. When TechOps teams deliver more uptime, they finally find the time to work on more complex problems that require creative solutions...precisely the things that machines can’t do.


We are looking for a high-energy and passionate individual to become our lead technology evangelist & customer success manager. 

If you are not afraid of writing code and at the same time understand the value of nurturing customer relationships. and If you love working with technical community as customers and have thrived in a role like this before, then we want to speak with you!


This role will engage with the team in adapting the product to the requirements of our customers, as well as leading the pre and post-sales process, driving adoption and satisfaction of users, ensuring high retention. You will work with customers to help realize the full value of the company's platform and ensure that they achieve success in their business goals. 

This is a strategic senior role that will work closely with the company's CTO. 

  • Serve as relationship manager, primary point of contact and customer advocate for the company's customers.
  • Work with customers to ensure on-boarding, retention and overall success.
  • Assist in training customers on using the company's product to its ultimate capabilities; document and update best practices for future clients. 
  • Always be prepared to communicate the company's value in many situations — whether it is a quick description to a colleague, writing tutorials in a developer center, a long-form blog post, or pitching a demo at an event.
  • Be vocal.  Host, attend, or speak at events, blog, prowl StackOverflow, maintain GitHub repos, manage developer-dedicated social channels, and respond to all comments or questions.
  • Build and maintain a knowledge center including code and config examples.
  • Liaise with Product team by providing valuable insights around customers' product usage, customer feedback, and desired product enhancements.  You will not hesitate to initiate and/or lead new development tasks or work streams.
  • Motivate customers to evangelize the company's platform using different channels - social, trade shows, etc.


  • Proven experience with systems & infrastructure monitoring, event management and deployments.
  • Solid pre and post-sales experience
  • Experience successfully managing customer engagements or large projects to completion and customer satisfaction.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to align technical concepts & features to business needs.
  • 5+ years relevant work experience as a backend Infrastructure engineer, DevOps or SRE preferably with a SAAS company or software provider.
  • Experience in one of the following programming languages: Go, Python, Java.
SignifAI, Inc

JP Emelie Marcos

Co-Founder & CEO
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