Executive Chef

New York, NY

Silkstone is committed to delivering creative, innovative and sustainable food, lifestyle and design concepts, focused on events restaurants and developing brands through unique experiences.

The name Silkstone is born from the notion that there are two essential ingredients to the service industry - the stone which represents the intensive labor, integrity and commitment and the silk reflects the creativity, innovation and elegance in which this is presented.


Seeking an individual who will thrive in a health consious environment, with experience in sustainable food solutions. 

  • Enhances service to regular guests by adapting to personal taste and providing anticipatory service
  • Ensures that product consistency is maintained with regards to appearance and taste
  • Ensures the Executive Chef is informed of daily operations
  • Trains and develops the team as a primary objective, openly sharing knowledge
  • Establishes and maintains effective workplace relationships
  • Communicates effectively by collecting information from appropriate sources and considering audience when delivering information
  • Demonstrates integrity, respect and empathy in all communications
  • Adjusts interpersonal style to individual and environment
  • Networks to build relationships for the organisation’s benefit
  • Identifies, analyses and solves problems via solutions and results focused management
  • Provides guidance and support to team and colleagues
  • Manages constructively poor performance, conflict and difficult situations to achieve results acceptable to participants, the organisation and the laws.
  • Maximises employee productivity and achieves optimum staffing levels to minimise or economise payroll
  • Maintains records of all training
  • Shares all relevant information with staff, maintaining confidentiality where required
  • Monitors and maintains food cost within parameters provided by the company
  • Checks food cost on a daily basis and ensures continuous awareness of monthly food cost
  • Monitors and controls labour cost to maximize employee productivity and minimise payroll whilst maintaining quality standards
  • Ensures that Company policies and procedures are strictly adhered to by all kitchen employees
  • Drives the business together with the Manager, Restaurant in order to increase revenue
  • Participates in preparing the annual operating budget and follows it ardently
  • Meets daily with the Manager, Restaurant to discuss day-to- day operational issues and future operational strategies
  • Ensures the Kitchen exhibits the flair, creativity and constantly strives for ‘best in class’ quality standards
  • Ensures the product consistency is attained in regards to appearance and taste
  • Attends meetings as required
  • Maintains and exceeds Food Safety Standards in line with Company Policies, or as directed by Management
  • Recommends and/or executes management policies to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, discharge, re-assign, or discipline employees.
  • Adheres to all Company policies and procedures
  • Reports accidents, injuries and unsafe work conditions to supervisors
  • Performs other reasonable job duties as assigned by supervisors from time to time

Natalie Freihon

Director of Operations
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