Photography Duo

Fort Collins, CO

SociallyLoved is a faith-based company on a mission to remind people that they're loved. We’re using our resources to build God-honoring local media companies across the United States.


We're looking for a dynamic duo (eg, husband/wife, besties, buddies, etc) in/near Fort Collins to help us capture what's great about your city! At least one of you needs to be good with a camera, and the other, people. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who loves photography to quit your (boring) day job, grab your spouse or friend (whoever you want more time with), and live your passion ... together ... everyday! Unlike most photographers, you won't be working a bunch of nights, weekends, holidays or events you'd rather be enjoying. 



Great companies are built on compelling vision. Our vision is to build companies that transform communities by serving and encouraging people in doing their work ... both commerce and cause-related. We've found that the best way to atract and retain customers (and employees, partners, vendors, friends, etc) is to serve them first, and serve them well. It also happens to be a great way to change the world :)



The SociallyLoved platform has been developed over the past 4 years by a team of entrepreneurs who are responsible for creating more than a dozen successful startups. We have the tools, experience and resources necessary to help the right team build a business around loving on people in the Fort Collins area.



  • Work together 20-30 hours per week (mostly during regular business hours) doing photo shoots for local businesses and causes 
  • Work individually 10-15 hours per week each (some flexible anytime hours) doing basic production work, client care and followup activities.
  • You'll each typically work about 40 hours per week initially, decreasing over time as the business matures and things become more efficient.


Again, we're looking for a 2-PERSON TEAM. If you're drawn to this, you better go find your Robin, Batman. This is a full time commitment that provides a solid income (ie, $100k+ per year, combined) and the potential to earn ownership. 

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Eric Holman

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