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Project Director

Fremont, CA

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We are seeking a Project Director with Construction Management experience specific to K-12 Projects in California. 
The successful candidate will be a hands-on problem solver, with a common sense approach to dealing with the business of development/construction; can anticipate needed actions, and plan ahead for the ongoing construction process and multiple complex projects of over $100 million. 

The individual will be an experienced manager who is enjoys mentoring and leadership with team members.  The candidate will have a thorough understanding from both the owner’s and builder’s perspective, and be experienced in the working process of construction to include regulatory agencies, consultants, attorneys, etc. 

The successful candidate will be a strong, articulate person, willing to take charge with seasoned leadership skills. Not bashful to state opinions or ideas with colleagues, superiors, or project team.

It goes without saying you must be hard working, with an entrepreneurial spirit, who takes ownership of the process, cares about the outcome and views the start of the project(s) with the operation of the end facility in mind. Understands the complex issues, especially of K-12 projects, and will break them down into sequential pieces which are manageable. Insistent on high quality construction standards.

You are a team player and team leader. You can coach the process and keep all participants working together to fulfill the mission of project completion on time and under or in budget.

You must be able to complete projects within the client's strict standards.  


  • 4 Year degree in a relevant field
  • At least 10 years' experience running multiple projects, with preference for projects over $100 million
  • MUST have heavy K-12 building experience


  • Healthcare
  • Vision
  • Dental 
  • 401K with 100%  
  • Bonus and referral program
  • Professional Training
  • Total of 29 days off paid


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Director of Administration
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