Supreme Beverage Company

Delivery Driver

Huntsville, AL

As a third-generation, family owned and operated, beverage distributor, Supreme Beverage Company, Inc., has been building our beer brands and providing a high level of service to the retailers of north central Alabama since Joseph B. Schilleci, Sr. founded the company in 1946.  We continually strive to fulfill our vision statement:  To be the market leader in high-value service to our customers and the community by investing in our people and honoring our values of integrity, ownership, collaboration, and service to others.  

Delivery Driver | Huntsville, AL

The function of a Delivery Driver is to provide efficient movement of product by providing service to assigned customer accounts; delivering, picking up, and organizing product as needed. This role is responsible for the following duties: 

  • Operates delivery vehicle in a safe and accurate manner. Performs work that can be routine and/or repetitive. Is attentive to details while operating delivery vehicle and providing service within customer accounts.
  • Promptly, accurately and thoroughly documents work activities. Demonstrates accountability by ensuring that documentation of delivered/pulled inventory and invoices are fully and correctly completed.
  • Knows, understands, and abides by applicable State and Federal regulations and company policies. Is attentive to safety and ethical standards in carrying out work activities, including ensuring that delivery vehicle is properly maintained and operated in a safe and courteous  manner.
  • Maintains quality of service despite deadlines. Does not “skip steps” that may result in out-of-date products, disorganized product displays and/or inventory, sloppy documentation, or unsafe work practices.
  • Promptly and courteously responds to customer issues, identifying and implementing reasonable solutions. Works proactively to avoid repeat issues. Uses customer knowledge, experience and ingenuity to suggest process changes that could improve company-wide customer satisfaction.
  • Develops and maintains positive business relationships with appropriate representatives of customer accounts. Adapts manner and presentation to best meet customer needs and communication preferences.
  • Interacts with co-workers in a positive, team-oriented manner. Resolves conflicts in the proper setting, and in a collaborative, supportive manner.
  • Demonstrates punctuality and dependability in daily work, customer interactions and sales meetings.
  • Displays the SBC values of Integrity, Ownership, Collaboration, and Service in all interactions with customers, co-workers, supervisors and in work-related public settings.

Experience and Background

  • High levels of detail orientation in observing, documenting and balancing work activities
  • Strong time management and organization skills
  • Strong communication and positive interaction skills
  • Ability to be coached and to incorporate feedback
  • Proficiency in computer and digital (“smart” phone/tablet) applications
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • A or Class B Commercial Driving License, current and in good standing; Must successfully meet requirements for and maintain current DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • Ability to read, write and speak English and perform mathematical calculations at a level consistent with achievement of a high school diploma or equivalent amount of  education.
  • No experience required. 6 months — 1 year experience in route sales or local delivery preferred.
Supreme Beverage Company

Phillip Schilleci

Senior Manager
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