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Shelter Veterinarian

Munster, IN

The Shelter Veterinarian is responsible for the overall health of all shelter animals. S/he provides the best possible care and treatment of incoming animals, housed or exiting the shelter system. At times the Shelter Veterinarian may provide medical input with other operational specialist roles, and works closely with the Laboratory Staff as well as utilizing technicians to implement medical treatments and strategies as prescribed by Veterinarian.


  • Oversee animal health of shelter animals and provide the best possible care to all animals entering and exiting the shelter.
  • Adhere to protocol for disinfection and disease control and support maintenance of a clean and sanitary animal shelter at all times.
  • Ability to perform surgical sterilizations and some non-routine surgical procedures with pre-op determinations to assess the animal’s ability to withstand surgery, and post-op examinations to provide recommendations for follow up care.
  • Examine, vaccinate, and oversee treatment of shelter animals, including microchipping, and provide recommendations for follow up care.
  •  Supervise handling and recording of shelter animal medical records and controlled substances as required by the Drug Enforcement Agency in addition to oversight and management of the facility CSR and DEA licenses.
  • Coordinate with the Shelter Director regarding the selection of animals for medical humane euthanasia—according to AVMA guidelines.
  • Supervise in collaboration with the Shelter Director the disease prevention and disease control practices with regards to shelter animals. Solicit input and communicate any issues regarding disease control protocols, surgical protocols, or other medical issues.
  • In collaboration with Shelter Director, develop and maintain annual budget of medical and surgical supplies as it relates to the care and operation of shelter animals.
  • Provide health certificates for animals leaving and crossing state lines.
  • Shelter Veterinarian, in collaboration with Intake Manager and Clinic Director, will coordinate schedule for surgical needs of shelter patients.
  • Testify in court cruelty cases; writes reports for such cases providing professional opinion and diagnosis.
  • Provide accurate information to staff and volunteers about the safety and overall wellbeing of the shelter animals.
  • Provide, and sign off on, initial wellness check for each animal coming into the shelter. If the Shelter Veterinarian is not present or available upon intake of each animal, a clear and obvious list will be maintained by the Laboratory Staff for the veterinarian to check upon availability.

Background & Experience 

  • Doctoral Degree DVM
  • Two or more years of experience in a veterinarian clinic, veterinary hospital, and/or animal shelter or control facility.
  • Candidate must be highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with a professional attitude. Candidate must promote and support the overall vision and annual plan of the shelter
  • DEA Certification and CSR - shelter will provide payment for this certification if needed.
  • Indiana State License to practice Veterinary Medicine - shelter will provide payment for license renewal fees.
  • Shelter Veterinarian may be asked to assist with spay/neuter surgical operations, clinic operations, wellness clinic, and other duties and tasks as assigned throughout the entire organizational structure


  • Fantastic work environment furthering the welfare of animals
  • Great compensation and benefits package
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