The Raleigh House

Behavioral Health Technician

Arvada, CO

The Raleigh House is a 90 day substance dependency / addiction program located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Denver. We provide a comprehensive, holistic model of care to adults.  In addition to the best of traditional and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, we also offer art therapy, nutritional therapy, and functional medicine.  We pride ourselves on having a close-knit, highly skilled clinical team and dedicated floor staff, and our caring and effective treatment program inspires many clients to find healing and success.

Behavioral Health Technician | Arvada, CO

The Behavioral Health Technician has responsibility for providing safety, supervision, organization and follow-through in all domains related to efficient and effective operations.  This position is responsible for overseeing resident life and maintaining the infrastructure, reflecting program philosophy and participating in operational components of the milieu, assuring the highest possible standard of care, value, and outstanding service.

Essential Functions

  • Maintain safety of the milieu at all times including constant awareness and supervision of clients, surroundings, high risk issues.
  • Adhere to all codes of ethics/conduct, maintain professional boundaries, and protect the confidentiality of clients.
  • Participate in de-escalation and foster communication.
  • Maintain schedule of events and activities.  Participate with clients at scheduled events to model healthy engagements and positive attitude.
  • Provide safe transportation to/from events and appointments.
  • Read and acknowledge written information via communication log/email prior to shift; prepare shift notes at the end of the shift, documenting events of note, mood, and issues.
  • Use universal precautions effectively and instruct clients on their benefits and use.
  • Complete and maintain current QMAP certification and administer medications to clients.
  • Complete medication counts during every shift and complete required documentation.
  • Conduct drug testing and breathalyzer testing.  Assure chain of custody and complete documentation.  Prepare/transport positive tests to the main office.
  • Track attendance of lower level of care clients at nightly support meeting.
  • Oversee house-life during shift: chores, meal preparation and clean up, in-house activities and interactions, routine overnight checks and vitals.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness of residences, ensuring that it is presentable by 10 AM,  Monday through Saturday.
  • Participate in transitioning new clients to houses including reviewing rules/expectations, scheduling, chore assignments, curfew, schedule, etc.
  • Observe the residential environment and remedy or report maintenance issues.
  • Facilitate check in/out meetings, milieu meetings and psycho-education groups.
  • Understand and participate in all safety drills and provide organized and effective leadership in drills and real emergencies.
  • Maintain communication with clinical staff about dynamics, behavior, events, and other required-to-report issues.   Utilize Clinical On-Call and maintain awareness of hierarchy and who to notify in specific situations.
  • Complete all required documentation in a timely, accurate, and satisfactory manner. 
  • Raleigh House staff can not sponsor clients nor share in 12-Step meetings when clients are present. 

Experience & Background

  • Knowledge and adherence to the policies, procedures and goals of The Raleigh House of Hope.
  • Ability to listen well and communicate effectively orally and in writing with various audiences.
  • Ability to use standard office equipment, computer equipment and software including word processing, data base management, spreadsheet applications and electronic mail.
  • Ability to work effectively with employees, management, customers, other governmental agencies, community members and the general public.
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a Social Science field preferred; but other courses of study considered based on experience.  
  • CAC preferred.
  • Must have experience with treatment facilities and/or work with addictions and mental health populations.   Prefer residential and milieu experience.
The Raleigh House

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