The Raleigh House

Registered Nurse

Arvada, CO

The Raleigh House is a 90 day substance dependency / addiction program located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Denver. We provide a comprehensive, holistic model of care to adults.  In addition to the best of traditional and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, we also offer art therapy, nutritional therapy, and functional medicine.  We pride ourselves on having a close-knit, highly skilled clinical team and dedicated floor staff, and our caring and effective treatment program inspires many clients to find healing and success.

Nurse | Arvada, CO

The Nurse has responsibility for providing safety, supervision, organization and follow through in all domains related to efficient and effective milieu management.This position provides initial medical assessment, medication management, first aid, and ongoing medical oversight and auditing for the milieu. The Nurse's everyday responsibilities will consist of the following.

  • Maintain safety of the milieu at all times.  Have constant awareness and supervision of clients, therapeutic surroundings, high risk issues, situations, and relationships.
  • Complete initial nursing assessment upon intake for all new clients to assess suitability for care.
  • Complete nursing follow-up appointments.
  • Document nursing assessments and reports, medication information and reports, vitals, MARS, prescription information/changes.
  • Conduct, assess and document initial infectious conditions screen and interview.  
  • Communicate with MD and clinical team regarding client presentations/conditions.
  • Conduct baseline blood draws for incoming clients.
  • Coordinate lab work and post results to EMR.
  • Coordinate medical appointments, both routine and emergency, and associated transportation.  
  • Organize and maintain inventory of first aid, medication, and medical supplies.
  • Maintain standing orders/approval from MD and systems addressing vitals and protocols.  
  • Supervise QMAP and Floor staff for appropriate procedures, i.e. taking vitals, COWS, CIWAS, medication administration.
  • Maintain current knowledge and adherence to specific OBH and Joint Commissions guidelines as it pertains to nursing standards, time limits, etc.
  • Present bi-annual infectious conditions/precautions training to staff.
  • Coordinate yearly HIV/Hep C training through Community provider, i.e. DCAP.
  • Complete weekly medical/nursing chart review/audit and log review/audit for medication errors.
  • Complete weekly count/audit on current medications and Medication disposal monthly.
  • Maintain Illness Tracker per Joint Commission.
  • Assist with urine tests and breathalyzer testing.
  • Assist with neurotransmitter and genetic tests.  Provide instructions to client, assist in the proper documentation, prepare for mailing, etc.
  • Maintain professional relationship with Raleigh House contracted physicians.  Consult as guided by credentialing guidelines and Raleigh House procedure.
  • Be available to consult with ON CALL communication, PM admissions, medication questions, illness symptoms, elevated vitals, etc.
  • Coordinate and schedule off campus medical appointments and/or medication re-fills.
  • Maintain QMAP certification and administer medications to clients.  
  • Clear and vigilant awareness of pre-relapse mood, affect, behavior with appropriate communication to clinical staff and documentation.

Experience and Background

  • Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) preferred
  • Preferred experience with treatment facilities and/or work with addictions and mental health populations
  • BSN, RN, or LPN required
The Raleigh House

Susan Stone

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