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Nationwide, USA

Thirst Project is the world’s leading student water activism organization, working to see the END of the global water crisis. The water crisis is a lot like 7th grade Algebra… it SUCKS, but we know how to solve the problem.

663 million people today do not have access to clean drinking water, so we decided to do something about it.  Thirst Project exists to educate students about the water crisis and mobilize them to fundraise for global water projects. Since 2008, we’ve funded 1,846 clean water projects that have provided safe, clean water for life to more than 306,000 people in 13 countries. We plan to double that in the next two years. Bold? Yes. Attainable? Not without you.

The Role

We’re looking for a passionate and hella energetic person who loves to be in front of large audiences to travel the country and educate students across the nation about the global water crisis. You’ll be teamed up with other Road Warriors to go on an epic road trip (killer roadie playlist included) inspiring and motivating students to raise funds to build clean water projects globally. So… you’re kind of a big deal.

The program is offered for one or two semesters and starts with a one month training program in sunny Los Angeles, CA (make sure to bring your swagger and stunna shades). We’ll give you all the tools & swag to become a master at giving  high energy, highly motivational 40 minute presentation to audiences of all sizes in big cities like NYC to small rural towns in Kansas (can’t forget about Kansas). This speech will be one of the many tools in your arsenal to end the global water crisis. You will then help the students you just inspired to plan fundraisers, campaigns and Thirst Project clubs to build wells in 13 countries.

One Semester Program

Start date/End Date:Aug 12th, 2017 – Nov 17th, 2017 (one semester off-site internship)

Location: 1 month training in LA (we’ll fly you to LA), 2 months on the road traveling the country

Stipend: $2000 stipend + all travel expenses paid for.

Two Semester Program

Start date/End Date: Aug 12th, 2017 – Nov 17th, 2017 and Feb 4th, 2018 – April 19th, 2018 (two semester; off-site internship)

Location: One month training in LA (we’ll fly you to LA), two months in the Fall semester and two months in the Spring semester traveling the nation.

Stipend: $4000 stipend + all travel expenses paid for.


  • Tour the great ol’ US of A giving highly motivational 40-45 minute presentations in schools to hundreds of thousands of young people. You’re basically Taylor Swift (minus a few million Insta followers).
  • Be an expert on the global water crisis & what anyone can do to help.
  • Educate and motivate students at the presentation, after the presentation, before the presentation, at the gas station, at Subway, on Insta and Snapchat…. you get the point.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Education Outreach programs and student activation. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Manage student leaders & school logistics to ensure presentations are properly planned, executed, and followed up with. Details FOR THE WIN!
  • Mentor students to complete fundraisers with a dollar amount goal!
  • Drive the Thirst Mobile (it’s way better than Bat Mobile) across the beautiful United States of America. #Freedom. #Merica.

Skills Required

  • Charisma: Confident and articulate presenter with the ability to captivate audience.
  • Outgoing: Must feel comfortable talking & connecting with anyone you meet on the road.
  • Systems: CMS experience (Salesforce)? You get extra-credit.
  • Safe and capable driver. Must be able to parallel park a minivan like a #boss.
  • Self-starter: Ability to multi-task is a must, detail oriented (this is huge), logistically sound, with a self starter mentality.
  • FUN: Youthful, highly relational, student leadership experience preferred. Must be able to Hotline Bling at will at anytime, anywhere.
  • Must love to work with young people, help grow student leaders in a mentorship role. Young. Wild. Free.


  • Best road trip of your life – It’s like summer camp, on the road. You’ll get the chance to see the grand canyon and eat a Nathan’s hotdog in New York, all while creating meaningful impact in the world. We’ll give you a car, pay for your gas, give you $ for food, and arrange your homestays.
  • Leadership skills – you’ll perfect your public speaking, persuasive, networking, and technical skills (Salesforce, yass) that’ll make you an attractive candidate for ANY job.
  • Be a part of something HUGE: We’re committed to bringing the entire country of Swaziland clean water. You get to say you helped make that happen. Don’t humble brag that ish.
  • #Squad: This is a super competitive position. You’ll be part of the biggest, baddest, thirstiest squad out there making social change. Wherever you go, you’ll meet amazing young people and  super inspiring (and successful) adults who’re obsessed with what we do.
  • Fun surprises: You’ll never know what you have waiting from us at your next stop. (we aren’t creepy we promise.)

Our School Tour is the most important piece of Thirst Project and the main way we reach students with our mission. We only grow as you GO with the message of the water crisis. If you are ready to be the foundation of this movement then please apply!

Thirst Project

Tracie Umali

School Tour Coordinator
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