UrLife Media

Account Executive

New York, NY
Have you ever wanted your own personal movie editor? UrLife Media is bringing the expertise, creativity, and technology of a Hollywood producer to you and your family's next vacation. Launched by Jack Giarraputo (Happy Madison, produced movies grossing $3.5 billion in box office revenue) and Ryan Hegenberger (Big Picture Entertainment, created trailers leading to $15 billion in box office revenue), UrLife Media takes simple movie & photo uploads, and delivers amazing, Hollywood-edited videos for you to take home, share, and reminisce. As an Account Executive at UrLife Media you will join a team of highly skilled and motivated people. You will be receive equity for this fast-tracked company, have uncapped commission, and be given the opportunity to travel with the some of the industry's biggest brands. You'll need 5+ years in B2B sales, with this experience you will create and compress the sales cycle, then lead and build an insatiable, hungry, driven sales team. Excited to join this team of passionate entrepreneurs? Think you have the drive to crush expectations? Get in touch now!
UrLife Media

Jack Giarraputo

Hiring Manager
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