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Title Specialist

Arlington, TX

At Ursus Holdings, we help our clients increase their investment returns on their real estate loan portfolios. We have created a proprietary methodology for curing title issues utilizing data and analytics, along with a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce. Our employees have the opportunity to find creative solutions to complex problems that affect major institutions, as well as entire industries. We provide our employees with an ever-changing, fast-paced work environment that has a healthy balance of work and play. 


We are looking for someone who loves to dig into the details. The mortgage boom created a number of unresolved title issues. We are hired to clean up all of the messes. We need someone who has a basic understanding of real estate documents, particularly loan documents. We need someone who is persistent about figuring out solutions to what is often a complicated puzzle. We will need someone who will pick up the phone and call homeowners, prior lenders, title companies, attorneys and more and encourage them to help us resolve these issues.


  • We are a medley of people: age, race, religion, language, ethnic background
  • We strive to constantly improve our people, our processes, our products, our services, our industry.  We challenge the status quo
  • We value hard work, but not at the expense of our families and our personal lives 
  • We value health and healthy lifestyles
  • We value a relaxed and comfortable work environment
  • We grew up corporate, but we strive to leave the negatives of the corporate world behind
  • We have a chip on our shoulder.  We like to win... but as a team


  • You get tasks and projects across the finish line the right way
  • You don’t settle for status quo 
  • You can work independently once strategy is established
  • You are a life learner who wants to share what you learn
  • You are humble and willing to serve
  • You like challenges of figuring out creative solutions to problems
  • You are restless and like variety
  • You are flexible
  • You are accountable to results


  • Review recommended resolution and obtain the documents necessary to resolve
  • Discuss status of judgments and liens with proper parties
  • Review preliminary title report to determine irregularities 
  • Determine solutions for irregularities and take action to resolve them
  • Negotiate payoffs 
  • Effectively navigate Microsoft products (word, excel, outlook) 
  • Effectively navigate our proprietary system of record for case management and workflow 
  • You will likely do a lot of things you and I do not anticipate or think you will do


  • Ability to do detailed work.  We need someone who is organized
  • Some knowledge of real estate documents, particularly loan documents
  • A willingness to ask questions 
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to work in a changing environment
  • Prior title experience will be very helpful, but not required
Ursus Holdings

Laura Broadwater

Candidate Engagement Associate
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