VC-backed employer

Account Manager

Boston, MA
This company is a bleeding edge SaaS tech company that’s on fire in NYC. They just received more VC funding so they’re ready to hire some incredible sales people to help build their empire. Their software helps people and businesses be more efficient in their everyday life, and they’re the only one with this type of technology. Every sales leader will say the most important part of a sales job is to love the product you sell. You need to believe in the product – how can you not believe in a product that makes people’s lives easier!? Join this team and be a life changer, join this team and join an incredible company, join this team and trail blaze an incredible future for yourself. As an Account Manager you will be enabled to grow and nurture current companies. You should be a relationship building master and have a drive to deliver incredible customer service. You will also need the ability to multitask and drive to always be better than you were yesterday. You will manage a book of existing clients here and also have the ability to take on some new clients too. You will flourish your portfolio and gain more skills to better build yourself and your abilities.
VC-backed employer

Kent Wiederecht

Hiring Manager
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