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Bensalem, PA

The Women’s Humane Society is dedicated to the humane and compassionate treatment of animals and providing affordable, quality veterinary care to our community's pets via the Caroline Earle White Veterinary Hospital. As America’s First Animal Shelter founded in 1869, we are committed to protecting the interests of animals and offering a continuum of care to ensure that all animals are treated humanely with kindness and respect.

The Women's Humane Society serves communities throughout the Greater Delaware Valley by rescuing and sheltering unwanted animals, offering humane education programs, physical rehabilitation classes, providing dog training classes, and finding forever homes through our Adoption Center. 

The Caroline Earle White Veterinary Hospital provides affordable, high quality and compassionate veterinary care to all animals in our community.


The associate veterinarian has the primary responsibility for patient care, striving to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for patients in the community and shelter animals. The veterinarian must be able to pay attention to detail, respond quickly and calmly to crises, and provide exceptional customer service, showing care and concern for his or her patients. In addition, the veterinarian must be able to promote teamwork, and communicate well with pet owners and staff members through verbal communication and detailed patient documentation. While adhering to all segments of the veterinarian contract and hospital protocols, the following are representative of day to day duties and responsibilities. 


  • Comprehensive patient work ups
  • Obtain complete history in conjunction with technician
  • Perform thorough physical exams including temperature, pulse, respiration, body condition score for each patient
  • Make notes in patient electronic medical record with any problems and diagnosis
  • Recommend all appropriate comprehensive diagnostic screening
  • Correctly interpret diagnostic results
  • Make comprehensive wellness recommendations tailored to individual patient
  • Always asks if client has further questions or needs before leaving the room or discharging patient
  • Communicate medical findings, recommended diagnostics, prognosis, and recommended plan to pet owner. Makes notes in chart to record all such conversations and when pet should return.
  • Take owner constraints into account and has secondary recommendations
  • Note any recommendations declined by pet owner in medical record.
  • Give status reports to client on hospitalized patient's condition in timely manner
  • Diagnostic procedures & surgery
  • Review discharge instructions with technician or owner
  • Performs daily shelter rounds, providing care and treatment for shelter animals
  • Assists shelter technician with daily treatments when needed
  • Performs intake examinations on geriatric and pediatric shelter animals
  • Assists with euthanasia of shelter animals when requested
  • Provides medical treatment recommendations for adopted shelter animals
  • Responds to post-adoption health inquiries, provide post-adoption examination and treatment when necessary 
  • Addresses animal behavioral needs or concerns with Behavior Health team
  • Responsible for all veterinary data entry in PetPoint for shelter animals 
  • Record patient exams in medical records using SOAP format
  • Follow AAHA guidelines for medical records
  • Complete patient medical records by end of work day.
  • Fully document all patient care to ensure good case management
  • Enter medical records in an understandable and complete manner
  • Prescribe appropriate medication for patient conditions with appropriate dosing
  • Approve prescriptions, reviews label for accuracy
  • Maintain security of controlled drugs
  • Monitor inventory levels of controlled substances
  • Perform regular controlled drug counts striving for zero variances
  • Turn monthly controlled drug count into manager in timely manner
  • Logs controlled substances consistently
  • Promotes teamwork & staff efficiency
  • Assist in keeping appointments running on time
  • Clearly communicate instructions to staff in respectful manner
  • Communicate pertinent information to colleagues for efficient case management
  • Correctly estimate client invoices
  • Clearly communicate costs to clients
  • Follow hospital guidelines for client payment and credit policies
  • Regularly attend outside CE meetings for a minimum of 20 hours/every two years
  • Share information gathered at CE meetings with colleagues
  • Assist in teaching at staff meetings when called upon
  • Assist with mentoring and training staff members
  • Attend at least 80% of on-site staff training and/or meetings 


  • Veterinarian degree (DVM/VMD) from accredited college or university and current Pennsylvania veterinary license and DEA registration must be maintained.
  • Must demonstrate desire to continue learning in veterinary care and participate in leading staff training.
Women's Humane Society

Courtney Werner

Practice Manager of the Veterinary Hospital
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